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Terms and conditions


     Dear customer, you have purchased a high quality technical product, which with proper care will provide you with long and reliable operation.

     To avoid potential problems, we recommend that you thoroughly familiarize yourself with the instruction manual you received with your product before using the product for the first time, and that you strictly follow the instructions laid out in the manual. This will prevent damage to the product caused by misuse and subsequent complaints and dissatisfaction.

1. Check for product acceptance

     When purchasing a product the buyer is obliged to verify the completeness of delivery, compliance with product serial numbers in the data for delivery / warranty, and the condition of the product. If the customer opts to pick up the product personally, he is responsible for confirming that he has received the correct amount and type of product at the time of pick-up; later claims regarding the amount and type of product received will not be accepted.  When sending the product through the shipping company, the purchaser must inspect the product on delivery. In the event of mechanical damage or incomplete shipment of the product as laid out in the terms of transfer note, the buyer is obliged to immediately file registration of the damage with the carrier and then contact the seller.

     Complaints regarding defective products and/or apparent defects (scratches, breakage, cracking) must be registered within 24 hours of the delivery of the damaged product.

2. Product Defects

     The seller is responsible for product defects incurred prior to delivery to the buyer as well as for defects that occur during the warranty period. The length of the warranty period is specified in the warranty. If this information is missing in the warranty, the product is covered by the statutory warranty period of 24 months in the case of a new product, or 12 months in the case of a previously used (second-hand) product. The warranty period begins to run from the receipt of the product by the buyer(s). In the event that the product is in repairs covered by the warranty at the end of the warranty period, the warranty period is extended until the covered repairs are complete.

     The buyer is obliged to give notification of any product defects without undue delay, i.e. immediately after the defect is discovered. In order to be eligible for repairs under the warranty, the buyer must submit the product and all accessories in the original packaging, along with a copy of the original invoice or sales receipt, warranty, and delivery note.  The product must not be defaced or altered, and must not be missing any protective covers.  Further, any names, serial numbers, labels, and seals on the product must not be removed or illegible. The data in all documents pertaining to the product must not be illegible or altered (overwritten).

3. Complaints

     Complaints shall be submitted at the headquarters of the seller. In some instances the warranty may name a company other than the seller as responsible for repairs of a defective product; in cases where such a company is named and has its own office at a location within equal or shorter distance to the buyer than the distance from the office of the seller to the buyer the buyer must have the device repaired by the named responsible company.

  If it is necessary to send the product to the vendor or service center, wrap it suitably in the original packaging so that the product is adequately protected.  Mark the package with the appropriate symbols indicating the transport of fragile goods. The product must be accompanied by a cover letter with a detailed description of the defect.
     Stored data may be deleted during the course of repairs; therefore we recommend backing up all data stored on the product prior to submitting it for repairs.
     Claims are processed within 30 days from the date of application, unless a longer period is agreed upon by both parties. If the product is shipped, the period of 30 days starts from receipt of the product by the vendor or service center. After this period the buyer has the same rights as if it were an irreparable defect.

4. Range of Warranty

     The guarantee applies only to malfunctions due to manufacturing defect(s) in one part of the product. The guarantee does not apply to mechanical, thermal or chemical damage, iincluding any damage to the product during transport following receipt of the product by the buyer.

 In particular, the warranty does not cover the following:

  • defects caused by improper installation or installation contrary to instructions for use
  • defects caused by improper maintenance or neglect
  • defects caused by improper use, use contrary to the instructions for use, or use not in line with specific technical standards which the seller has made known to the buyer
  • defects caused by the use of products other than the manufacturer’s recommended accessories
  • defects caused by adverse external influences, for example: sudden changes in temperature or humidity sunlight or other radiation electromagnetic fields overvoltage on input, output or housing, incorrect power input voltage and improper polarity, voltage caused by electrostatic discharge (lightning), chemicals, or ingress of liquids, objects, dust or insects
  • defects caused by incorrectly installed software
  • defects caused by the interference of unauthorized entities
  • regular maintenance and repair, or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear
  • consumables, which are normally regularly exchanged during the lifetime of the product (batteries, etc.).
  • transport costs and risks associated with transportation to and from your product vendor or service center

5. The buyer rights

    For authorized application claims the buyer has the right to:

  • the free repair product if the defect is repairable. When replacing the defective parts, the buyer is not entitled to obtain the parts that have been replaced.
  • in the case of irreparable defect or to remove defects occurring repeatedly, regardless of their species and preventing the use of the product for its intended purpose, the buyer is entitled to the exchange of the defective product for a new product, or refund of the purchase price with a credit note. The buyer has the right to choose either a product exchange or a refund in the amount of the purchase price; once the buyer has selected one of these alternatives, the choice is final and cannot be changed. In the case of the exchange, the warranty period shall begin anew from the receipt of the new product.

6. Warranty repair services and ineligible claims

     Vendors and service centers perform repairs covered by the warranty. For repairs after the warranty period has ended, the buyer will pay both the actual cost of the repairs and also any costs connected with transport of the product to and from the repair location.  For warranty repair, the purchaser shall in addition to the actual cost of repair and to pay costs associated with handling and transport of the claimed product and the buyer.

     In case of an invalid claim, the buyer must pay transportation costs and costs associated with the procedure for recognition of claims by the manufacturer (handling costs) of € 14.94 excluding VAT. This buyer is obliged to submit this payment within 14 calendar days following the complaint procedure; the product will be delivered to the buyer only after this payment is received.
    Prices for the implementation of post-warranty service are fixed and the customer commits to pay costs related to this service.

  • Manufacturing and service cabling € 4.98 excluding VAT (€ 5.93 with VAT)
  • Service of analog devices and their components € 6.64 excluding VAT (€ 7.9 VAT)
  • Service digital devices and their components € 9.96 excluding VAT (€ 11.85 including VAT)

In the event that a customer fails to collect equipment within 30 days of notice of termination of service, he will be billed storage charges, amounting to € 0.13 excluding VAT for each day.     Following repairs covered by the original service warranty, the warranty is extended to cover items of equipment that have been exchanged or repaired for 1 / 2 years for the completion of the repair, The guarantee applies only to items of equipment that have been exchanged or repaired under the terms of the original service warranty.

7.  Final provisions

     The seller reserves the right to amend these warranty and returns policies. Amendments and their effective dates are published on seller.

     This warranty and returns policies are effective from 1.1.2009.