Hotel Chateau Gbelany – Project of the year 2015

Our client required a resolution of and ideal audio-video technology for their new comference room with a capacity of 200 people. The requirement of our client was to technically secure the room in such way , so that after splitting this room will operate as 2 separate entities with a different capacity. The main request was ease of use and reliability of operation.
Conference room of Hotel Chateu Gbelany is designed as one main conference room, which if neccessary, can be devided into 2 separate conference rooms with different capacity.
In the larger room, 2 big projection screens and 2 projectors are installed. In the smaller room, 1 big projection screen, 1 projector and 2 LCD monitors are installed. LCD monitors enable the participnats to see underpreciated display, especially those sitting in the back of the room.
The main matrix is situated in the central technological room. All inputs as well as outputs are distrubuted through transmitters DigitalMedia DM-TX-201-C from floor boxes with a possibilty to connect RGH and HDMI outputs and LAN network.
The system, which is installed in the conference rooms, brings its users a number of benefits. The most important benefit, which was also the main priority for our client, is ease of use through fixed as well as mobile touch panels. The second very important benefit is the reliability of operation, which is guaranteed by the latest presentation system DigitalMedia DMPS-300-C. Last but not less important benefit is the flexibility that ensures the use of the system in three different forms – the whole room together, separately, or both rooms simultaneously. There is no need for manual setting. The client is satisfied with the services provided. The premises are regulary used for various conferences.

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