Winebar&Tapas restaurant

Winebar&Tapas Is a restaurant located in the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava. Thanks to the greaat service and quality products the restaurant is gained a status of one of the top restaurants in Bratislava.

The restaurant is owing its name to what is characteristic for it. The Spanish word tapas is a synonym for a little snack or small plate of delicacys. This way of serving food is common for friendly get togethers where more people are seated behind a table at the same time. Tapas goes hand in hand with quality wine which the restaurant als offers. You can find there wine not only from Spain but also from Australia, Chile, France, New Zeland or other parts of the world.

This stylishly furbished place must also have a perfect sounding and thats why the sound is covered with 5 WORK NEO and 2 WORK WSA 10 SUB speakers. The sound system is divided into 3 areas thus allowing the control of the sound in each area separately – in the bar, restaurant and terrace.

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