Production and development

The production and development of professional audio devices to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Vývoj a výroba audiozariadení

The process begins with the client requirements. When the customer is entering the input information, he should know how the device must behave and with which equipment it should be compatible (precise details specified during the initial meeting). Next, we incorporate these requirements into the project, together with the approximate price. After the approval of the project, we begin to develop the system – making electrical diagrams and printed circuit interconnection schemes as well as the development of mechanical structures. We then complete the device, including screen printing equipment and so on. After testing the overall functionality of the device, it is ready for the delivery to the customer.

Some of our devices:

  • DA262 – distribution and summing amplifier with 2 x 6 balanced outputs
  • DCA51 – Digital-controlled amplifier
  • DJA12-4 – Distribution Amplifier for press conferences
  • HA4VCA – a professional headphone amplifier Triple
  • HA6VCA – Professional headphone amplifier with remote control
  • PIS8 – Programmable Modular Communication System with signaling the Caller
  • JPP005 – Unit of pre-sound monitors  with external locking option
  • JZP16 – an optional listening unit (16 x balanced stereo) an remote controller, and more…
  • MFS-LS9 – Programmable GPI interface for Yamaha LS9
  • MFS-M7CL – Programmable GPI interface for Yamaha M7CL
  • MFS-DM2000 – Programmable GPI interface for DM 2000
  • MFS-DM1000 – Programmable GPI interface for DM 1000

Programmable GPI Interface / Fader Start for Digital Mixers Yamaha M7CL

Connection of the output connector

Cascade configuration of MFS M7CL

  • MFS – M7CL is a programmable GPI Interface / Fader Start for Yamaha M7CL.
  • Eight programmable outputs with galvanic isolation of changeover contacts (relay).
  • Outputs are activated by exceeding the set buffer value or  selected buffers.
  • A total of 32 buffers, where the keys can be used together to control MFS – M7CL.
  • One buffer, or button can activate up to 8 outputs.
  • The settins for up to eight set-up configurations can be stored for the MFS – M7CL.
  • The outputs can operate in continuous mode switching, or generate 100ms  pulse when activation/deactivation.
  • Indicators on the front panel display device mode, valid MIDI data, the selected memory and activated output.
  • To increase the number of programmable outputs, MFS – M7CL can be configured  into the cascade.
  • Connecting to the Yamaha M7CL console via MIDI interface.
  • The outputs are routed to the 25th pin D Max., switching voltage is 50V, max. Current is 1A.
  • The device is installed in a 1U 19”cabinet, and powered from an external power source DC12V.
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