Sound Reinforcement

Professional sound reinforcement for every kind of event, miner or major, wherever and whenever.

We offer professional audio equipment for every type of event, from small parties up to major to conferences, presentations, company events and parties or even large outdoor sound systems. It is all up to you. The solution is always suitable for your needs and the nature of the event.

ozvučenie prezentácií

Smooth continuance of your presentations is the best advertisement for your products and services.

The worlds leading companies rely on us with presenting their products and services. They simply realize that the smooth continuance of the promo actions, which we provide, is the best advertisement for their products.

Companies such as BMW, Hewlett Packard or IBM rank among the satisfied customers who we provide our sound reinforcement services for.

Ozvučenie podujatí a konferencií

The intelligibility of your speech for your business meetings, press conferences or congress.

The intelligibility of speech is the most crucial factor during important business meetings, special occasions or press conferences. If you would like your business partners or journalists to leave the conference with the right information, you cannot ignore this element.

It is a major honor for us to provide conferences for important partners such as the presidents of Slovak Republic Office.

ozvučenie promo akcií

Catch the listeners attention during the first impression.

The main focus of the actions for sales support is to impress during the first impression. With our services are your products always a step ahead to catch the attention of your customers. Rely on our sound reinforcement and your information will sound super-impressive.

Major companies such as AKG or Yamaha do not hesitate to rely on our services during their promo actions.

prenájom zvukovej techniky

We are ready to rent our professional equipment for sound reinforcement.

If you currently struggle with your own equipment or have to provide sound for an event far from your home and the transport is too expensive, we are ready to help.

In the case that you have experiences with sound live and the only thing missing is the professional audio equipment, feel free to write an e-mail to: ozvucenie@mediatech.sk. Simply state the approximate requirements of the equipment you are interested in, or just the type of an event, date, approximate time of the event, place and type of transport. Based on your requirements we will offer an ideal equipment for short or long-termed rental.

Live sound for an event

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Ozvučenie podujatí a konferencií

The sound reinforcement is povided with state-of-the-art audio technology. If you need to provide complete reinforcement, we as well offer professional audio engineers and technicians with years of experience and expertise. We will take care of any type of social event – fashion shows, theatre performances, corporate parties, promotional presentations, conferences or trainings. We have extensive experience with live sound in every direction, therefore we are able to reinforce everything, everywhere, everytime!

We are looking for to become your partners in business.

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