Support: Repair & Service

Complex support with repair and counseling services- warranty and post warranty service for the whole assortment

We have built our own service center with a team of experienced professionals. Our goal is to shorten the time necessary to repair equipment as much as possible without the effect on the quality of our services. On top of that, the company has its own devices available for rental to the customer for the duration of servicing.

Our educated and experienced professionals are the basis of our success. MediaTech annually invests significant financial resources to build up the skills of our employees by providing great opportunities for professional development. Our experts participate in international trainings and world fairs, where they have the opportunity to familiarize with all the innovations and new products on the global market.  Then they are able to bring these new ideas and products back to the Slovak market.

Warranty service

We provide our services under the statutory regulations and manufacturer’s instructions and it is so for all of the equipment we sell. In all eligible cases, we strive for the customers satisfaction, not only with the product but also with all the necessary servicing.

Post-warranty service

We care for you and your equipment even after the warranty expires. Do you have a problem that needs to be solved? Contact our specialists; they will help you eliminate all the shortcomings and problems you may experience.


We provide maintenance, inspections and full check of the equipment on regular basis. The aim of the prophylactic examination is to prevent operational problems and reduce the costs other repair services for audio equipment.

24-hour operation

One of our services is to provide 24-hour operation for your equipment.

Certified service

Besides from the warranty and global post-warranty service, we provide certified service for renowned brands such as Yamaha, Biamp…

Counseling services

As an additional service for our clients we offer consulting services. This includes advice on sales, project preparation, the selection of appropriate sound equipment and the service of site inspection as it is with the implementation of interior acoustic treatment.

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