Sound Reinforcement Systems

The optimal sound uniformed to equally cover the premises

We provide:

  • sound reinforcement for different types of events
  • creating a project for specific event
  • the delivery and installation of equipment
  • training for the operators
  • elaboration for the technical documentation of the project
ozvučovacie systémy 02

Our sound systems and audio equipment always offer a complete reinforcement for every type of premises (buildings, coffee houses, conference centers,  and concert halls, training rooms, industrial buildings, churches, recording studios…). The whole philosophy, technical parameters and the output of the equipment could be separately designed for speech, background music but also as the main audio system during big musical events.

During the project phase we prefer to synchronize the design with the technical parameters.

Our audio solutions are simply all-in-one: the project, the delivery of equipment and its installation and setup. On request we as well take care of the repair and support as well as the training for the personal to be able to control the equipment.

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odborná konzultácia Odborná konzultácia