Shure DCS 6000

Digital Conference System

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Digital conference system enables meetings of up to 3,800 users to be managed with complete control and reliability. Features include digital audio transmission, interpretation of up to 31 languages, and SW 6000 to provide extensive software support.

The DCS 6000 Digital Conference System combines microphone handling, voting, conference management, and interpretation in one integrated system. A variety of touchscreen, portable, and flush mounted conference units offer solutions for temporary meetings and permanently-installed systems. A comprehensive suite of powerful software options (SW 6000) make it easy to manage every aspect of the conference, from audio, to voting, to recording and archiving.

The DCS 6000 is the ideal audio solution for large meetings held by:
– National, state, or local legislative bodies
– Government or regulatory agencies
– Corporations, organisations, or associations
– Educational institutions

– Fully digital audio transmission
– Expandable up to 3,800 delegate units (with additional equipment)
– Accommodates simultaneous interpretation of up to 31 languages
– Support for 4 microphone operation modes: Automatic, First-On/First-Off, Manual, and VOX (voice activation)
– Control the system with tablet or PC through web browser interface or an external room control system
– SW 6000 provides extensive software options to support voting, agenda management, ID card registration, recording/archiving, video projection, reporting, and more

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