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Digital IR Audio Distribution System

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Digital IR audio distribution system designed for use in both permanent installations and temporary set-ups of up to 32 high-quality channels. Features include digital infrared transmission, easy set-up and operation, and excellent sound quality.

– The DIS Digital IR Audio Distribution System fully complies with the IEC 61603-Part7. which is the industry standard for digital infrared transmission in the 2 to 6 MHz frequency band.
– Digital infrared transmittion
– Easy set-up and operation
– Excellent sound quality
– Up to 32 high quality channels

DT 6008 & DT 6032 Digital Transmitter
– Accepts audio from the AO 6004 or AO 6008 Audio Output Units or from CU 6105 or CU 6110 directly, or other audio sources can be connected.
– Modulates signals onto carrier waves which are transmitted directly to the RA 60xx Digital Radiators located in the room – for wireless distribution to the DR 60xx Digital Receivers.
– Capable of distributing a maximum of 8 or 32 channels/languages
– Can be used with both the DCS 6000 or DDS 5900 Systems
– Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes for efficient distribution
– Adjustable sensitivity for each input to enable fine tuning of audio levels
– Built-in mini infrared radiator for audio monitoring
– Radiator and system status indication via display
– Configuration of transmitter and system via a display and one single rotary button
– 19″ housing for table top use or rack mounting

DR 6004, DR 6008 & DR 6032 Receivers
– The ergonomically designed receivers use the latest electronics technology – including a specially designed IC to ensure maximum performance and a long battery life-time.
– 2-digit LCD display with battery and reception status indication
– Number of available channels is always the same as the number of channels in use by the system, eliminating the need to scroll through unused channels
– Audio signal automatically muted when signal is too low, ensuring that the user receives only high quality audio
– No power used when headphone is disconnected
– Clip for easy wearing, placed on the front of the receiver to easily slip into a shirt pocket
– Measurement mode for easy checking of radiator coverage
– Up to 200 hours operation with alkaline batteries
– Attractive and stylish design

RA 6013 & RA 6025 Digital Radiator
– The RA 6013 & RA 6025 digital radiators transmit up to 32 channels in superb audio quality by means of invisible light, enabling delegates to listen to the interpreted languages by means of the DR 6000 digital receivers.
– The radiators are used to provide reliable infra-red coverage from small meeting rooms up to very large conference halls.
– RA 6013 covers up to 1000 sqm. (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
– RA 6025 covers up to 2000 sqm. (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
– No fan – cooled by convection, resulting in silent operation
– LED indicators for radiator status checking
– Automatic switching when transmitter is switched on and off
– Brackets for mounting on ceiling or floor stand are available for easy installation
– Adjustable radiator angle ensures maximum coverage
– Attractive and stylish design

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