A design revolution in acoustic panels

VicStrip is a new, innovative approach to slat panels by introducing laminated VicPET Wool free of wood, making it more sustainable, flexible and lightweight.

Following the advance in VicPET Wool technology as an acoustic solution, Vicoustic developed VicStrip, a slat panel for walls or ceilings with the outstanding innovation of being produced from sustainable recycled materials and free of wood.

The natural wood strip look is given by a layer of laminate industrially bonded to the PET, making it a lightweight and an easy to apply alternative to common slat wall panels.

Key features

farebné prevedenia

4 color variations

Veľmi ľahká inštalácia

Very easy installation

Laminátové prevedie bez použitia dreva

Free of wood

Enviromentálne udržateľné riešenie

Environmentally sustainable solution

Design embellished solution

VicStrip was drawn with the lines of contemporary styling decorative wall panels, for anyone that wishes to provide offices, restaurants, hotels and homes with a design embellished solution amid the added value of removing sound reverberation.

VicStrip is available in two sizes (240x60cm and 270x60cm) and four colour variants: Natural Oak, Brown Oak, Natural Walnut and Dark Walnut. You can order Vicoustic VicStrip directly through our portal zvuk.sk.

MediaTech is a specialized company in the field of acoustics. We will design and deliver a complete acoustic solution according to your requirements. Contact us at mediatech@mediatech.sk or fill out the short form below.

MediaTech akustika Vicoustic

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