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Meeting room

Turn a meeting or video conference into an experience. Thanks to a modern equipped meeting room you communicate more efficiently, saving time and money, but at the same time building your company image and creating a pleasant working environment. According to your requirements we will propose complete know-how how to technically equip meeting rooms of various capacities - from large meeting rooms to small meeting rooms - so-called huddle rooms. Each project and client is unique, as well as its requirements for the complexity of the technical equipment of the space. See the most popular meeting room products.

Sound reinforcement

We provide sound reinforcement to any room. We will take care of a suitable selection of speakers and microphones. Based on your requirements and financial possibilities, we will provide a professional but also more intuitive way of controlling the delivered devices. As part of the solution, we also offer a revolutionary novelty, sound masking - the technology overlapping disturbing sound elements in open spaces.

Video Conference

Video conferencing is an important and used tool for long-distance communication. Video conference, video calls with clients, business partners or employees will save you a lot of time, planning and money. We will design and deliver the most suitable video conferencing solution for you according to your requirements.


Cisco is a world leader in professional video conferencing and collaboration solutions. People around the world rely on the Cisco Webex platform every day to work with their teams, partners and customers. Whether they are big companies or just starting out with their business. With Cisco Webex, 500 million meetings are held each year.

riešenie akustiky


Acoustics is an important element in dealing with sound in space. We provide acoustic solutions for every situation and type of space, from recording studios to offices, homes and restaurants. We will design, deliver and install a designer and functional acoustic solution.

Video projection

The projector, screen and LED display are currently standard presentation devices. But the video projection solution involves much more. Digital signage - electronic poster and video wall are modern advertising media that can revive and attract any event.

video projection solution
conference systems

Conference systems

We offer you the technical background for the smooth running of conferences, summits, meetings, as well as international events with the need for translation into multiple languages, as well as tours and trainings. Delivered conference, interpreting, voting and guide systems will ensure excellent spoken word quality and clarity for all kinds of mentioned events.

Distance learning

We provide seamless distance education. Focus on teaching and leave technical matters to us. Whether it is distance education from the comfort of your home, from the classroom, lecture room or auditorium. Treat yourself to breakthrough solutions that can be used in the online and offline space for everyone. This will ensure professional sound, quality images and new opportunities for cooperation for you and your students.

Theater technologies

For cultural institutions we provide all necessary technologies - stage, lifting and lighting equipment. We will take care of a complex system of light signaling and announcement. We will design, supply and install suitable equipment for excellent acoustics and sound system of the hall.

Assistive listening technology

Our partner Ampetronic is a world leader in design and manufacture of audio induction loop system, also known as hearing loop systems or T loops an established technology that helps with hearing loss to increase the clarity of amplified sound in any busy environment by working in conjunction with hearing aids and cochlear implants. All Ampetronic solutions are developed to provide a genuine benefit to those who experience hearing loss.


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