Sound reinforcement as well as acoustics is a key element of any space.

MediaTech Central Europe will design, deliver and install a complete sound reinforcement system for any space. Based on our many years of experience in installing sound systems for companies, hotels, airports, congress centers, theaters, industrial plants, museums, cultural houses, churches, restaurants, schools, events and sports fields, we can design and install a sound system project for you.

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Professional Consultation

Consult your ideas and questions for free and without obligation with our audiovisual technology specialists.

Solution and Project Design

We will prepare a project for you that meets your financial and operational requirements including complete technical documentation.

Delivery and Realization

We will take care of the delivery, installation and complete setup of your selected equipment.

Training and Service

Training of personnel for problem-free technology control is a matter of course, as well as service, warranty and post-warranty service.

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Sound reinforcement of office space

Sound reinforcemen of business premises is an important aspect for a pleasant work environment. Sound in the company can be divided into zones and so it is up to you what will play in which zone. Sound in office spaces and especially in open office overlaps disturbing sounds in the environment, adds work or communication in open spaces privacy.

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Sound reinforcement of restaurants and pubs

Sound reinforcement of restaurants and pubs, especially in connection with video projection and acoustics, is an important part of the space. It completes the overall impression that is important for visitors. Whether it is background music or live sports matches, a properly designed and installed sound system ensures a unique experience for visitors.

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Sound reinforcement of large spaces

The most important thing for sound reinforcement system in large areas is voice intelligibility. This can only be achieved with the help of a quality project solution. Years of experience in designing and installing large-area sound reinforcement systems as example college auditoriums, airport halls, theaters, churches and many others allow us to meet your requirements.

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Many satisfied clients testify to the quality of our services. For more than 25 years on the market, we have designed, delivered and implemented complete technical equipment for many smaller and larger meeting rooms with a capacity of 5 – 15 or more persons. Have a look at selected references of customized meeting rooms.


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