Sound is often a bigger problem than it needs to be. Reverberation, resonances, noise and materials like glass, brick and concrete can destroy a music experience, intelligibility and comfort.

MediaTech Central Europe provides acoustic solutions for every situation and type of space, from demanding recording studios to offices, homes and restaurants.

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Solution process

Professional Consultation

Consult your ideas and questions for free and without obligation with our audiovisual technology specialists.

Solution and Project Design

We will prepare a project for you that meets your financial and operational requirements including complete technical documentation.

Delivery and Realization

We will take care of the delivery, installation and complete setup of your selected equipment.

Training and Service

Training of personnel for problem-free technology control is a matter of course, as well as service, warranty and post-warranty service.

kancelárske priestory s akustikou

Acoustics for office space

Poor or no acoustics in the office space has a negative impact on labor productivity. From large spaces such as open offices and call centers to smaller spaces such as meeting rooms and mobile offices, each environment requires its own specific requirements. MediaTech helps you get the right acoustics solution for your office space.

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akustika rezidenčných priestorov

Acoustics for residential premises

The aim of acoustic solutions in homes is to provide residents with a neutral acoustic environment to ensure a clear and complete sound experience without distortion. The listener should be able to clearly hear the film or music with minimal impact from outside sources. MediaTech designs, delivers and installs a designer and functional acoustic solution.

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akustika verejných priestorov

Acoustics for public spaces

One of the main aspects to consider when designing the acoustics of a public space, such as a restaurant, school, hotel, gym or worship, is the sound response. Proper acoustics will help minimize the noise build-up process, facilitate communication, and prevent people from raising their voices to be heard and understood.

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akustika nahrávacích štúdií

Acoustics for recording studios

The recording studio should ensure that the sound is clearly and accurately displayed without any distortion.

To achieve the right acoustic conditions in the recording studio, you need to control the first reflections, he back-wall diffusion and low frequencies. MediaTech will design and deliver the most suitable acoustic solution to your recording studio.

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Many satisfied clients testify to the quality of our services. For more than 25 years on the market, we have designed, delivered and implemented complete technical equipment for many smaller and larger meeting rooms with a capacity of 5 – 15 or more persons. Have a look at selected references of customized meeting rooms.


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