Compact Subwoofer

The USW-112P self-powered subwoofer delivers powerful low-frequency performance in a compact, versatile package. It’s designed as an ideal companion for ULTRA-X20 loudspeaker and complements a range of Meyer Sound loudspeakers including the UPM, UP-4slim, Ashby-5C, and Ashby-8C. Its low-profile cabinet measures just 23.5 inches high by 13.5 inches wide by 12 inches deep, making it an ideal choice when space is limited. […]

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Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeakers

Meyer Sound’s ULTRA-X20 self-powered full-range loudspeaker brings state-of-the-art ULTRA-X40 point-source technology to a smaller, lighter footprint, ideal for installed and portable applications where size and weight are critical factors. Whether used as a compact main system or as fills or surrounds in a larger system, count on the ULTRA-X20 to deliver high power output, low distortion, and consistent polar response in any configuration. […]

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yvc-200 videokonferencia


5 reasons why video conferencing is an important tool for business meetings

Video conferencing is nowadays an important and widely used tool for distance communication. Why do we communicate via video conferencing? Is it so that we can show the other party visual stimuli that we can only see in a personal meeting? Maybe because we can communicate with a client, colleague or partner we would otherwise have to travel to? Whatever the reason, we are seeing a huge shift and increase in the use of video conferencing. At the same time, it is important to realize that the success of video conferencing and online meetings depends on image and sound quality, i. correctly selected and supplied video conferencing hardware. […]

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Acoustic solutions for workspaces

Acoustics is an important element in solving sound in space. Poor or no acoustics in office spaces have a negative effect on work productivity. From large spaces such as open offices and call centers to smaller spaces such as meeting rooms and mobile offices, each environment has its own specific requirements. […]

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Professional PTZ camera

For video conferencing and distance learning

The latest AT-HDVS-CAM from Atlona is an enterprise-grade PTZ camera designed for use in video conferencing and other applications such as lecture capture and distance education. […]

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akustické panely - prírodný kameň

Acoustic panels

New design patterns

At the ISE Europe 2020 exhibition in Amsterdam, Vicoustic presented new design patterns for acoustic panels in the VMT collection. Natural stone patterns are nowadays a very popular and sought-after design element for rooms. Design patterns are designed in collaboration with Mercado da Pedra, a leading luxury stone specialist in Portugal. […]

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VentumS turntable


Workshop of stage technology in Prague

After a successful workshop of stage technology at the Slovak National Theater in Bratislava, MediaTech brought  innovative know-how also to the Czech scene. In cooperation with leading german company Ventum-S we introduced the latest stage technologies at the Estates Theater in Prague. Ventum-S has been a leading supplier of unique aluminum theater  systems for more than 20 years on the german market. […]

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3 microphone solutions for your meeting room

Biamp introduced 3 innovative and modern room microphones for meeting rooms. Using Beamtracking™ technology, they can automatically track the speaker’s voice, even when moving around the room. They cover 360° to ensure perfect reception of clear, distortion-free sound from the entire meeting room. […]

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Arthur Holm

Exclusive motorized monitors

This month we presented a complete product range of our new distributor Arthur Holm, a leading manufacturer of exclusive and state-of-the-art technology solutions for conference rooms and meeting rooms – motorized monitors, keyboards, speakers and microphones integrated into furniture. […]

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Ventum-S stage technologies


We introduce unique stage technologies

Ventum-S has been a supplier of unique aluminium theater systems for 20 years on the German market. MediaTech is currently bringing their innovative know-how to the Slovak scene. In cooperation with Ventum-S, we presented a wide range of the latest stage technology at the new Slovak National Theater building. […]

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Sound masking

Revolutionary novelty

Sound masking, teda maskovanie ruchov zvukom, je inteligentné zvukové riešenie, ktoré prekrýva rušivé zvukové prvky a dodáva tak práci, či komunikácii v otvorených priestoroch súkromie.  Je to ideálne riešenie pre miesta s väčším množstvom ľudí, akými sú napríklad open space pracoviská, čakárne, chodby či iné otvorené priestory. Táto smart technológia zjemní vravu v otvorenej kancelárii, minimalizuje rušivé zvukové a komunikačné prvky v otvorených priestoroch, ale aj zamaskuje hlasy vychádzajúce zo zasadacej miestnosti počas mítingu a dodáva tak súkromie konverzácií, koncentráciu na prácu a dokonca ochranu osobných či citlivých údajov. […]

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Special hanging microphone by Biamp®

At Biamp, we want to keep your installations as simple and straightforward as possible by making products that are both easy to install and commission.

In the case of our Beamtracking ceiling mics, we want to strike the best balance between the codes governing installations worldwide and the greatest flexibility for user deployments. A 3 meter (10’) pendant length provides the widest range of accommodation for both installations and global code compliance, and we are moving to that cable length as our standard effective immediately. […]

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