Mediatech ISE 2022

MediaTech at ISE 2022 in Barcelona

This year, as every year, our team participated at ISE 2022 in Barcelona – the Europe’s largest and most important AV exhibition.

The exhibition took place from 10 to 13 May. We had a great opportunity to meet our foreign business partners and customers. It was a great feeling to see everyone in person after almost 2 years.
We also joined the exhibition as a PSNI Global Alliance member. MediaTech regularly participates in international exhibitions and meetings and brings home to the Slovak market the best solutions and innovations from the world of audiovisual technologies. […]

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MediaTech earns PSNI Global Deployment and Global Services Certification

MediaTech is please to announce that we have received PSNI Global Deployment and Global Serive certifications. These certifications ensures that customers receive a standardized approach to service and integration no matter where in the world their project is located because they are working with a PSNI certified integrators. With integrators on 6 continents and more than 200 offices around the world, PSNI Global Alliance is the fastest-growing private network of premier technology integrators and service providers.

MediaTech je od októbra 2020 exkluzívnym a zároveň jediným slovenským členom PSNI Global Alliance – celosvetovo najuznávanejšej sieti AV integrátorov, výrobcov, distribútorov a servisných partnerov. […]

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Our highlights of 2021

We wish you a successful new year 2022 !  The year 2021 was a ride! We created, designed and installed a lot of projects. We would like to share with you a few higlights from our year 2021. […]

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We have become a member of PSNI Global Alliance

We are proud to move our expertise in the world of audiovisual technology to an international level. Since October 2021, we have been an official member of the PSNI Global Alliance for Slovakia. PSNI Global Alliance is the world’s most recognized network of AV integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service partners. PSNI Global Alliance represents more than 200 licensed service and integration offices around the world. It covers all six continents and is the largest global network of audiovisual integrators covering the largest geographical area in the world. The PSNI Global Alliance brings together the best AV companies and enables them to work as a whole and deliver standardized technology solutions anywhere. PSNI is the world’s largest network of audiovisual technology experts. […]

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Our hybrid learning solution is in Inavate magazine

We are pleased that our audiovisual solutions are also a worldwide success. One of our installations also attracted the attention of the world magazine InAVate, which asked us how we turned the classroom and auditorium of the university into a multifunctional room for hybrid learning. InAVate Magazine is a worldwide print and digital magazine that is a basic source of information and ideas for specialists, system integrators and users of audiovisual technologies and news in professional environment. […]

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We are featured in Forbes

„Demand for professional audiovisual technologies is skyrocketing. They are becoming a common part of the everyday life of companies and institutions so choosing the right partner and supplier is a key to success,” says Bohumil Tonkovic, CEO of MediaTech.
A man who has loved technology since childhood and considers this work to be his mission – this is Bohumil Tonkovič, the founder and CEO of MediaTech Central Europe, a.s. At the same time, he is the heart of the whole company, which is considered a leader not only in Slovakia, but also in the world for more than 25 years. […]

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Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeakers

Meyer Sound’s ULTRA-X20 self-powered full-range loudspeaker brings state-of-the-art ULTRA-X40 point-source technology to a smaller, lighter footprint, ideal for installed and portable applications where size and weight are critical factors. Whether used as a compact main system or as fills or surrounds in a larger system, count on the ULTRA-X20 to deliver high power output, low distortion, and consistent polar response in any configuration. […]

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Design acoustic panel

Vicoustic, our partner in the field of acoustics, is constantly following world trends and proving its dynamism by bringing ever new design patterns to the popular Flat Panel VMT acoustic panels. […]

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We have been part of the Inofest – the innovation festival

Expositions, workshops, lectures, new professional connections, transformation trends in the field of innovation. This is only part of what our team of experts experienced at the 1st Inofest festival, which connects companies with an innovative and timeless approach. It took place in Vrábly on 16.-17. September 2020. […]

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MediaTech Central Europe takes part in the Festival of Innovations – INOFEST

The year 2020 affected many companies. That is why a festival was established, the aim of which is to meet innovative companies and interesting people for joint progress. We are glad that our company is also a part of it. […]

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Compact Subwoofer

The USW-112P self-powered subwoofer delivers powerful low-frequency performance in a compact, versatile package. It’s designed as an ideal companion for ULTRA-X20 loudspeaker and complements a range of Meyer Sound loudspeakers including the UPM, UP-4slim, Ashby-5C, and Ashby-8C. Its low-profile cabinet measures just 23.5 inches high by 13.5 inches wide by 12 inches deep, making it an ideal choice when space is limited. […]

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yvc-200 videokonferencia


5 reasons why video conferencing is an important tool for business meetings

Video conferencing is nowadays an important and widely used tool for distance communication. Why do we communicate via video conferencing? Is it so that we can show the other party visual stimuli that we can only see in a personal meeting? Maybe because we can communicate with a client, colleague or partner we would otherwise have to travel to? Whatever the reason, we are seeing a huge shift and increase in the use of video conferencing. At the same time, it is important to realize that the success of video conferencing and online meetings depends on image and sound quality, i. correctly selected and supplied video conferencing hardware. […]

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