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Cisco is a world leader in professional video conferencing and collaboration solutions.

People around the world rely on the Cisco Webex platform every day to work with their teams, partners and customers. Whether they are big companies or just starting out with their business. With Cisco Webex, 500 million meetings are held each year.

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Cisco products and communication through Cisco Webex are characterized by ease of use, maximum security of the entire system and protection of communication.

In partnership with Cisco, we focus primarily on professional video conferencing harware, collaboration solutions and the Cisco Webex software platform. High-quality video conferencing solutions for long-distance cooperation are nowadays an integral part of almost every company, individual, various institution or school.

Cisco Webex DX80

Discover a new way to communicate and collaborate via the HD touch screen with the built-in professional camera. Presentations and remote collaboration have never been easier. The Cisco Webex DX80 offers you not only a top-notch screen and a perfect desktop, but also a stand-alone full-featured video conferencing with crystal-clear sound and perfect images. You will feel as if you are sitting at one table with the participants on the other side of the video conference call.

Cisco Webex Desk Pro

The revolutionary Cisco Webex Desk Pro is an all-in-one solution that includes professional video conferencing with built-in speakers, microphones, and a camera. As a bonus, it includes a 4K touch screen with a digital magnetic pen with which you can easily comment, highlight, correct or annotate the presented content.

Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini

The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini is an intelligent video conferencing solution designed for smaller rooms or spaces for up to 5 people. Even small teams need quality technologies for meetings, information sharing and collaboration. The Cisco Webex Room Kit Mini has easy connectivity, high-level audio and video, and wireless presentation capabilities. All functions are very easy to use via touch panel or mobile phone.

Cisco Webex Room Kit

The Cisco Webex Room Kit is a powerful solution designed for small to medium-sized meeting rooms for 7 participants. You simply connect to any display panel, LCD or LED TV and together with the built-in camera, microphone and intelligent touch panel you have complete equipment for your video conferencing.

Large meeting rooms

The Cisco Webex Room 55 Dual is an ideal choice for large meeting rooms. The Cisco Webex Room 55 Dual is an all-in-one video conferencing system designed for rooms with up to 12 participants. The system is equipped with two 55-inch LED screens, a state-of-the-art QUAD camera system, its own high-quality sound system, and all this is housed in an elegant stand that you can place against a wall or space. The Cisco Webex Room 55 Dual provides an unrivaled video and audio experience.

Cisco Webex Legislate

Cisco Webex Legislate is a one-of-a-kind meetings solution, purpose-built for the needs of legislatures around the globe, at every level of government. It gives them the opportunity  to negotiate and vote according to standard procedures, but in a virtual environment. It allows remote participation, or a mixed model of participation with an emphasis on ease of use and overall simplicity of the system.


Sale of licenses

License management


We will customize the Webex License accoring to your needs. We will advise you to use the license as effectively as possible and in case you need to expand them due to growth of your company it will be able to do just that as it will be flexible.


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