Video conferencing is nowadays an important and widely used tool for distance communication. Videoconference, video calls with clients, business partners or employees will save you a lot of time, planning and money.

MediaTech Central Europe specializes in audiovisual technologies for your meeting room. We will design and deliver the most suitable video conferencing solution for you, so that you can easily connect with partners and streamline the presentation of your ideas and results.

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Solution process

Professional Consultation

Consult your ideas and questions for free and without obligation with our audiovisual technology specialists.

Solution and Project Design

We will prepare a project for you that meets your financial and operational requirements including complete technical documentation.

Delivery and Realization

We will take care of the delivery, installation and complete setup of your selected equipment.

Training and Service

Training of personnel for problem-free technology control is a matter of course, as well as service, warranty and post-warranty service.

Video conference in a small meeting room

A small meeting room called “Huddle room” is a room designed for quick meetings for 2-6 people. In a small meeting room, the possibility of presentation and video conferencing is important. This can be very easily achieved using a properly chosen video conferencing solution. Just bring your laptop or phone and easily connect with the whole world.

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Video conference in a medium meeting room

A medium-sized meeting room is the most common type of meeting room, where regular team meetings are held. Whether they meet for regular reporting, brainstorming or video conferencing, it is necessary to achieve this quickly and efficiently to save time. A wireless laptop connection is usually used to present reports or brainstorming ideas. To connect with a partner in another city or state, use a video conference that you can easily join. Built-in ceiling speakers, microphone and acoustics can be used for sound intelligibility. Instead of a TV, you can also use a screen with a projector. All devices are easy to operate via the touch panel.

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Video conference in a large meeting room

The large meeting room, also called the “board room”, contains the widest range of audiovisual technologies used. The main element is a video conferencing solution with a professional camera, built-in sound system (ceiling microphones and speakers) and design acoustics. The presentation system is a matter of course. The board room is equipped with a TV as well as a projector and a screen, which are used for presentations for a larger number of participants. All technologies used are easily controlled via touch panels, which can be built into the wall or portable desktop. We often supply a microphone conference system for demanding clients.

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Many satisfied clients testify to the quality of our services. For more than 25 years on the market, we have designed, delivered and implemented complete technical equipment for many smaller and larger meeting rooms with a capacity of 5 – 15 or more persons. Have a look at selected references of customized meeting rooms.


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