MediaTech conference systems can ensure the smooth running of discussions, meetings, presentations, or other meetings in different spaces.

They give you the opportunity to clearly hear, see and share high-quality audiovisual content with conference participants. The modern technologies we offer in combination with our long-standing know-how will ensure effective communication, increase the quality of conferences and help you achieve the desired results.

Check out the most frequently asked products for conference, interpretation and guide system solutions.


Conference microphones

Key requirements for conference microphones are clarity of sound, ease of use and stability of the device.

Create ideal conditions for professional and smooth conferences. Our discussion and conference microphones provide excellent speech quality and clarity together with constant audio transmission parameters.

An additional functionality is to activate/deactivate the speaking sound or to set the microphone with priority, which allows the conference chair to temporarily turn off all other microphones except his own.

translation systems

Translation systems

Are you planning an international conference, summit, bilateral meeting or training and do you expect the need for simultaneous multilingual interpretation?

We provide smooth continuance for your international events from 2 up to 32 languages. The professionally equipped translation systems we offer include a central control board, an translation booth and a station, a delegate station, a digital translation desk, a wireless control unit and a conference users unit.

They are suitable for congress centers and conference halls, but also for smaller training rooms or other events.

tour guide systems

Tour guide systems

When choosing a suitable wireless guide system, the so-called tour guide, it is first and foremost important to ensure the sound clarity of the transmission. The guide or lecturer must be sufficiently comprehensible.

We deliver professional guide systems and headphones that can be used in noisy environments – so your visitors won’t miss a word. Ease of operation and reliable audio transmission without noise and outages is a matter of course.

Guiding systems are suitable for use on tours, trainings, in classes, training sessions or simply wherever you need to be on the move.

touch control


Any voting and processing of voting results, even with a large number of people present, should be smooth and stress-free.

A user-intuitive voting system ensures that. Simple button voting and convenient viewing of accompanying documents directly on the device screen will be appreciated by all participants in meetings, representative meetings, general meetings and other meetings.

video projection

Video projection

Create ideal conditions for presentation.

Modern technical equipment of the space brings the opportunity of professional interpretation, simplicity of demonstrations, keeps the audience’s attention and makes conferences attractive.

Present in high definition and over a large area using a high-quality LED screen or projector and electric screen.

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Many satisfied clients testify to the quality of our services. For more than 25 years on the market, we have ensured the smooth running of several conferences, shows, negotiations, etc. Have a look at selected references of our projects.

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