Create unique and modern spaces to realize your creative ideas. We can fully equip theaters or cultural houses of various sizes according to your requirements. We will design the project in all aspects, ensure its implementation and train the staff for the smooth operation. Each installation and client is unique, as well as its requirements for the complexity of the technical equipment of the space.

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Dovadelne ozvucenie

Theater sound system

The choice of the right sound system for the theater depends on the building layout of the space, its size and acoustic qualities.

Appropriate loudspeakers should be powerful enough to deliver high-quality, distortion-free audio directly to the audience. Let your visitors enjoy a full listening experience.

When designing the sound system we take into account not only the demands on the technical parameters of the speaker system, but also harmonize the aesthetic and design aspects.

Flexibilna akustika v divadlach

Flexible acoustics

Imagine that you can change the acoustics of a room without losing its natural acoustic “signature” at the touch of a button. You doubt? The acoustic room enhancement system we bring allows you to control reverberation time, first reflections and other key elements necessary for the sound clarity, warmth and resonance properties of the hall.

Enhance the viewing experience and change the acoustic characteristics of the room to suit the nature and type of the particular performance.

Bezdrotove divadelne mikrofony

Wireless microphones

Reliable operation, excellent sound, durable mechanical characteristics, unobtrusive design and strong long range signal. Each wireless microphone used in a theater should have these features.

Ensure good audio transmission for your visitors and avoid unnecessary servicing of unreliable devices.

The microphones we supply meet all the requirements for technical functionality, making their daily use trouble-free.

Divadelne mixazne pulty

Mixing consoles

Achieve excellent sound quality from input to output. Mixing consoles are currently standard equipment for any theater.

Whether you need sound reinforcement for spectacular musicals or small ensembles, depending on the number, quality and intensity of the events, we will provide you with the most appropriate technology.

Nastupna signalizacia a vyhlasovanie

Theater announcement and entry signaling

An essential part of every theater is a reliable and high-quality announcement system, through which managers give instructions to actors in the dressing room. We implemented this solution in many Slovak theaters.

In addition to the theatrical announcement system, we will also provide you with entry light signaling. Thanks to it, the actors arrive on stage on time and the viewers experience will not be disturbed.

Javiskove technologie divadla

Stage technology

Our complete theater services also include stage solutions. We specialize in lightweight and modular aluminum construction systems for stage construction, lifting, lighting and stage technologies.

We completely supply and assemble curtains, rails, catapults, innovative scenery wagons, turntables, stages, moving platforms and auditoriums. We provide professional theater light reflectors including design of their location.

Last but not least, we will also take care of the installation of lifting platforms, ambushes and the replacement of supporting and towing ropes.

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Many satisfied clients testify to the quality of our services. For more than 25 years on the market, we have successfully installed audio and visual equipment in several cultural institutions – theaters and cultural houses. In addition, we have also technologically ensured museum expositions and exhibitions, galleries, as well as a large number of prestigious events. Have a look at selected references of our projects.

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