Make your lectures, presentations and events more attractive. With a modern video projection solution, you can bring viewers the information they need more interactive, understandable, and more efficient. Depending on the size of your space, your requirements and the financial possibilities, we will select video projection devices that provide sufficient performance and help you demonstrate good quality audiovisual content to your visitors.

Each project and client is unique, as well as its requirements for the complexity of the technical equipment of the space. Check out the most popular video projection solutions.



The projector is a practical and effective solution for video projection. Thanks to its compact size, it allows you to project high-resolution digital assets on a large area almost anywhere.

Simple placement under the ceiling saves space and remote control adds ease to start and operate the projector.

Today, the projector is standard equipment for presentation.

projection screen

Projection screen

The screen serves as the most suitable medium for the signal emitted by the projector.

It should not be missing in any video projection. Whether you opt for a manual screen with a handy roller shutter strap or an electric remote control screen, you won’t be disappointed with the enchanting high definition image.

High-quality projection screen will be appreciated by teachers at school lectures, businessmen during the presentation of products and services, but also by lovers of multimedia home entertainment.

LED display

LED screen

Installing an LED display can make your room unrecognizable.

Create ideal conditions for presentation. Show your ad, animation, video, photos, or any other information in high-definition and on the large-screen. The Mediatech solution offers you accurate color reproduction and sharpness in every detail.

When choosing the right size LED display, we take into account the size of the space and the distance of the viewers. This will provide the most appropriate tailor-made alternative for you.

digital signage

Digital signage

Digital signage is a modern advertising in electronic form – an electronic poster, information board or projection on large screens.

In other words, it is a system for controlling the content broadcast on screens centrally. This allows multiple digital areas to be controlled from a single location.

Digital signage increases the value and efficiency of communication, improves the information and orientation of visitors and also serves as a modern information system.

touch control

Control panel

Control the entire room and all video projection devices at the touch of a finger.

By integrating the entire system into one panel, you can conveniently turn on the dashboard, turn on the LED screen and projector, eject the screen, dim the lighting, and much more.

Bring your modern audiovisual technology to life in seconds and save yourself and your employees valuable time that you can spend more productively.

video wall

Video wall

The video wall is currently a modern medium to make any indoor event, sporting event or seminar more attractive.

Improve the viewing experience of your visitors. Spacious large-screen displays serve as a great advertising medium for presenting partners and sponsors, or provide a dynamic background during the program, eliminating the need for scene planning and production.

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Many satisfied clients testify to the quality of our services. For more than 25 years on the market we have provided video projection to several smaller, medium, but also larger – lecture – rooms with different ideas of clients on the technical equipment of the space. Have a look at selected references of our customized video projection solutions.

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