A unique project of the State Opera in Banska Bystrica. They boast the best sound system in the world.

What we did:theater technologies

Mastery of art supported by the best sound

We are extremely proud that our company Mediatech Central Europe was able to support the unique project of the sound system of the State Opera in Banska Bystrica. This exceptional place belongs to the leading cultural institutions in Slovakia and world-famous theater productions take place here. Top sound is therefore the alpha and omega on this land. It was precisely because of keeping pace with the latest technologies and world trends that representatives of the opera turned to us with a request for top-quality sound. Our choice was clear from the beginning – to present and deliver the best of the best.

Excellent sound system

Our experts decided to show the representatives of the State Opera in Banská Bystrica something like Rolls Royce within the loudspeakers – Meyer Sound. Meyer Sound is rightfully proud of the title of the best sound in the world. Their products and solutions are the world standard and are installed in the most prestigious places around the world. These include Broadway in New York, Cirque de Soleil in Bellagio Las Vegas, the Audi Experience Center in Germany or the Austria Center in Vienna.


Bohumil Tonkovic
Project specialist, MediaTech Central Europe
+421 220 999 700 / mediatech@mediatech.sk

“We always deliver the best solutions to our customers to help them work and grow. Not only all the artists, but also the audience are excited about the new Meyer Sound system. The ULTRA-X40 system transmits even the smallest details, while the color of the sound is always authentic.“


Top sound that will exceed all your expectations

As it is really an exceptional project, we decided to show the representatives of the State Opera in Banská Bystrica, in cooperation with Meyer Sound, a real demonstration of the Ultra-X40 loudspeakers.

In the first step, representatives of the State Opera took part in the demonstration event of the Ultra-X40 loudspeakers, which we organized in cooperation with Meyer Sound in Bratislava, Slovakia. Subsequently, the client and us personally visited the Meyer Sound Constellation installation at the kING Culture and Congress Center in Ingelheim, Germany. This place is considered one of the most technologically advanced in the area.

Both personal presentations sonically and dynamically exceeded all the client’s expectations and only confirmed to the client that the solution from Meyer Sound is the right and only way for their further direction as an important cultural institution in Slovakia.

The best sound in the world is also in Slovakia

The joint decision to go into the waters of the best brand in the field of sound was thus confirmed by all parties involved. Also thanks to this step, today the State Opera in Banská Bystrica is at the top of prestigious cultural institutions not only in Slovakia.

Since the implementation of new technologies in the State Opera in Banská Bystrica goes through a longer process, we build the system together with the client per partes. Currently, the State Opera has Meyer Sound ULTRA-X40, Meyer Sound ULTRA-X42 and Gelileo Galaxy 816 technologies. In the near future, a larger reconstruction is planned, where the State Opera is also considering Meyer Sound Constellation.

MediaTech is here for you to design and deliver a solution in the area of ​​sound reinforcement. Therefore, contact us with confidence. Our experts are fully at your disposal.


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