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Jožo Ráž

Jožo Ráž (www.elan.cz)
Slovak musician and singer, famous mainly for being a front-man of the popular band Elán.

Marián Greksa

Marián Greksa
Slovak rock singer, famous mainly for his activity in the bands Modus and Demikát.

Robo Opatovský

Robo Opatovský (www.roboopatovsky.sk)
Singer and a songwriter who is at the same time the owner of the record label Záverečná.

Ján Baláž

Ján Baláž (www.janobalaz.sk)
Slovak guitarist, singer and a songwriter. He is one of the forming members of the band Modus and since 1981 together with J.Ráž and V.Patejdl he is one of the main members of the band Elán.

Ján Kuric

Ján Kuric (www.skupinavidiek.sk)
Slovak singer, songwriter, famous for being the front man of the band Vidiek. He is as well a member of the band Ventil RG and has a solo album with gipsy singer Věra Bílá called Cigánsky Plač (The gypsy cry).

Juraj Bartoš

Juraj Bartoš (www.serenaders.sk)
Juraj Bartoš is one of the most significant figures of slovak music scene. He is an excellent trumpet player and a music arranger. He founded and currently is in head of the Bratislava Hot Serenaders orchestra. He dedicated his career to jazz as well as to the classical music.

King Light & Sound (www.king.sk)
The company KING Light & Sound deals with professional audio and video reinforcement of different types of events. Their production and technical setup provide services for wide scale of cultural and social events.

Bobo Hangoni

Ján “Bobo” Hangoni (www.bobo-yps.com)
Guitar player for YPS.

Stanislav Počaji

Stanislav Počaji (www.jazz.sk/musicians/stanislav-pocaji)
Jazz guitar player, songwriter and music arranger.

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