Crestron AirMedia 2.0 - new from Crestron

Crestron is an American innovative company that has over 50 years of tradition.

Crestron AirMedia is a revolutionary device for wireless presentation. To present from your device, computer, or smartphone, all you need is to connect to the network with an app nad communicate with AirMedia.

As you use your own network, you have maximum security and prevent any leakage of information. In case the presentation is prepared for you by a guest who does not work with you, it can also be connected via an application that is specially adapted to such cases.

With the new, enhanced version – AirMedia 2.0, your wireless presentation will be even faster and safer.

Main benefits of Crestron AirMedia 2.0:

  • Easy to use, connect from any device or network
  • exceptional video quality
  • high safety

AirMedia 2.0 is available with two new presentation systems.

The huge advantage of the device is that it fits into every type of room, from open spaces, crowd rooms to classical meeting rooms, classrooms and conference rooms and mirrors the lowest market lag. High quality image is obvious.

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