Introducing Crestron Flex

The new Crestron Flex is a comprehensive videoconferencing solution for your modern meeting room.

Crestron Flex is a family of several devices, namely the P100 Series, the M100 Series, the B100 Series and the C100 Series.

It represents a simple, safe and consistent solution for trouble-free operation on a business day.

Devices support the most used applications such as Microsoft Teams ™, Skype® for Business, and Zoom ™.

The new is built on the Crestron XiO Cloud IoT platform, which allows you to remotely manage thousands of Crestron devices from one location.

Crestron Flex solutions come in several forms, but all bring the same consistent user experience, regardless of the type of space in which they’re deployed. That means more uptime and less strain on your support resources.

Crestron also provides benefits that other conference facilities do not provide, such as audio and video distribution over the network, room booking, wireless presentation, room attendance tracking, and more.

Crestron Flex P100 Series:

  • Connects to network with latest security standards
  • Exceptional HD sound quality for crystal-clear speech
  • Full featured keypad and high-resolution 7´´ color touch screen
  • Place or receive call using handset or speaker
  • Number of people 1 -5

Crestron Flex M100 Series:

  • Present, call, and collaborate – all – in – one tabletop console
  • Securely connects to network
  • Supports wireless presentation with built – in AirMedia 2.0 technology
  • Full open SIP conference phone with room scheduling and one-touch joins
  • Exceptional HD sound quality for crystal – clear speech
  • Number of people 4 – 20

Crestron Flex B100 Series:

  • Present, call and collaborate
  • Exceptional quality of microphone
  • Securely connects to network
  • Onscreen room availability and meeting details
  • Number of people 4-20

Crestron Flex C100 Series:

  • Support spaces of any size
  • Onscreen room availibility and meeting details
  • Securelly connects to network
  • Natively runs Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Zoom software
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