Nová scéna theatre in Bratislave

In the summer of 2014, the company MediaTech Central Europe provided another of our succesful installment for the premises of the theatre Nová Scéna in Bratislava. A complete reconstruction of the communication system which expanded the opportunities of the communication between the technical departments of the theatre was covered by our expirienced engineers. Only the 100V cross-connecting frame and speakers were left from the original system.

  • The goal of the project: a complete reconstruction of the communication system and signalization, RTS Matrix Intercom.
  • Equipment used: Central unit ZEUS III Stage Manager KP-32 classic
  • Participating stations: DKP-12, DKP – 8,MKP-12, BKP -4,
  • Wireless communication system: BTR 700, TR 700
  • Onset signalization: VMS 24,OMS 24
  • Processing of the audio signal: Yamaha DME – 24N
  • Stage manager equipment:: RTS DKP-12

Used technologies


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