Vicoustic VicStrip Spacer Kit

VicStrip Spacer Kit enhances the acoustic performance

Our partner Vicoustic developed VicStrip Spacer Kit, an acoustic kit that improves the innovative slat
panel VicStrip by using the frame structure of a VicSpacer XXL with an air gap and an additional layer of PET to enhance its acoustic performance engineered for demanding rooms, such as  office spaces, home cinemas and hi-fi listening spaces.


4 farebné prevedenia

4 color variants

Veľmi ľahká inštalácia

Easy installation

Laminátové prevedie bez použitia dreva

Free of wood

Enviromentálne udržateľné riešenie

Environmentally sustainable solution

Eco-friendly slat wood panel

By assembling a VicStrip to a VicSpacer XXL structure, it will not only create a metal frame around it, but will also have an air gap of 40mm between the panels and the wall. This will enhance the acoustic performance in medium and low frequencies regions of the VicStrip panel.

An additional layer of 8mm VicPET Wool is included in this kit. Once assembled in the VicSpacer,this layer will be overlaid by the 12mm VicStrip panels, making a total depth of 20mm of PET that will help enhance the sound absorption performance.The VicStrip Spacer Kit includes:
4 units of VicStrip 1190x595x12mm
4 units of VicPet Wool 1190x595x8mm
1 VicSpacer XXL (Black Frame)

VicStrip Spacer Kit is available in 4 different color variants and you can order it directly via our online portal

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