We introduce TesiraLUX

Biamp is one of the most experienced AV company. They developed unique solution. The TesiraLUX IDH-1 is an AVB/TSN enabled video encoder capable of transmitting video signals up to and including 4K60. The IDH-1 functions as a video server-class device in a Tesira media system and is configured through the Tesira configuration software. Acting as an AVB talker, the IDH-1 fully integrates digital audio and video on a single network, allowing for simplified lip sync management and end-to-end network transit latencies of less than 1.5 frames. Multiple software-based options are available for managing bandwidth, including setting maximum resolution, frame rate floor, and/or a rate of compression.

The AVB/TSN streams can be transmitted over 1Gb or 10Gb ports while control signals are managed via a separate 1Gb Ethernet port. The IDH-1 accepts 8 channels of PCM audio for embedding/de-embedding, and includes 2 mic/line level analog inputs. The TesiraLUX IDH-1 can be used as a standalone device (paired with a TesiraLUX OH-1) or can be combined with other Tesira servers, expanders, endpoints, and controllers.

TesiraLUX includes multiple built-in features designed to help you achieve your design goals.

•  TesiraLUX allows you to distribute video over an AVB/TSN Ethernet network in real time.
•  Because TesiraLUX is part of the Tesira platform, system designers save time by using a single software product for both their audio and video designs.
•  It has an end-to-end system latency of less than 2 frames of video, which includes scaling, compression, and network transit.
•  By controlling the entire signal path, TesiraLUX’s integrated lip sync management is simple, automatic, and very robust.

Why we recommend the solution TesiraLUX?

  • Includes one HDMI® port and one DisplayPort™ 1.2 port
  • Accepts video signals up to and including 4K60 with 4:4:4 subsampling
  • Supports a virtual matrix of up to 128 devices
  • Integrated lip sync management
  • Supports 8 channel PCM audio for embedding/de-embedding
  • Automated EDID management between TesiraLUX and the input source
  • Supports HDCP 2.2 protected content

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