ACOUSTICS FOR OFFICES - Acoustic solutions for workspaces

Acoustics is an important element in solving sound in space. Poor or no acoustics in office spaces have a negative effect on work productivity. From large spaces such as open offices and call centers to smaller spaces such as meeting rooms and mobile offices, each environment has its own specific requirements.

The importance of acoustics in workspaces

The right chosen acoustic solution can enliven and diversify the space and also significantly reduce acoustic problems and increase work productivity. Disturbing noise can be found in almost every office space – ringing telephones, making phone calls, talking to colleagues or noise from printers. These aspects are part of office life, although they are particularly disruptive for workers and contribute to low productivity. Modern offices are often without partitions and closets, and workers hear conversations around. Studies have shown that worker productivity is dependent on noise in the room. The turmoil of the environment reduces the productivity of workers by 66%. By choosing the right acoustic elements, the optimal value of reverberations in each room is achieved. This will keep your conversations clean and understandable, and traffic from side rooms or workstations will be sufficiently muffled. You will no longer have to shout and interfere at work.

Acoustic solutions in office spaces

Our partner, Vicoustic, has developed a range of products specifically designed to help modern offices achieve good indoor acoustic conditions that increase creativity and productivity in the workplace. These include the VicOffice, VMT and Ultra series. These innovative, high-quality and modern acoustics products are available in various colors and shapes and will transform any workspace into an experience.

We enclose a downloadable catalogue where you can see in detail the various models, shapes and patterns of acoustic products for office spaces and real applications.

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