An enormous event - the brand new Yamahas flagship is born!

The general public has waited with tension for this unique event for years. The digital mixer Yamaha RIVAGE PM10, an absolute technical innovation, was officially unveiled in Shizuoka, Japan and only for the 33 carefully selected partners, from which only 98 came from Europe. And guess what. MediaTech was there!

Head of the MediaTech Central Europe, Inc.  Ing. Bohumil Tonkovič says:

“I was truly honored to be a part of such prestigious event by Yamaha. In the world of professional audio equipment, this is something like coronation of the new king for the next few years. The new king Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 is with no doubt in the rightful position and we all can learn from this.”

Yamaha has managed not only to maintain the highest level of the “DNA” from the previous models, but as well the Yamaha team managed to achieve something unprecedented. During the development of the new product, they had teamed up with the worlds top developers from audio technologies (Ruert Neve Designs, TC Electronic, Eventide), which resulted in application of their oldest and proven by years technology into the new system. By this they had connected the state-of-the-art technology and knowledge from all the alredy recognized engineers from Yamaha which finally resulted  in the arise of the new king RIVAGE PM10, which contains more then 40 years of history of the PM series and as well heralds the new era of extensive sound, operation and reliability.

“It is an unmatched choice for the most demanding live sound application”, says Chihaya “Chick” Hirai, head of the PA department. “I can without exaggeration say that the system RIVAGE PM10 could only be developed thanks to the dedicated support and feedback from our customers throughout our long history. On the top of that it includes our huge passion for creating high-end products.”

The entry of the RIVAGE PM10 on the world marker is expected in 2015. And MediaTech is going to be there again.

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