Best solutions for medium meeting rooms

One of the best solutions for business meetings iareundoubtedly huddle rooms. There is no wonder. The number of huddle rooms that are excellent for ad – hoc and small meetings is growing. There is no need to forget about the classic, previously agreed big business meetings in large meeting rooms.

Medium sized meeting rooms are the basis for every prosperous company. Nowadays, it is not always easy to meet personally, so videoconferencing is an irreplaceable place.

If you will follow these practical tip show to setting meeting room, your video conference will be even better and faster.

Make sure your solution is flexible

Get an audio / video solution that fits right into your meeting room – depending on its shape and size. In a videoconference where interaction between people is important, it is important to place a large display in the meeting room so that people at the end of the room can also see it well.
If you plan to present and share content during a video conference, we recommend installing two screens, so that participants can see each other and see the shared content.

Camera location

Make sure the camera is placed in the eyes of the participants around the conference table.

Make sure you have the right audio coverage

Whether you have speakers mounted on the front of the room or using speakers placed on the desk,
consider placing other microphones in order to provide good sound coverage to those sitting in the corners of the room.

Correct selection and wiring setup

Also choose solutions that minimize the number of cables between the desk and the screen. The more technologies you can place behind the screen, behind the wall, or place it under the table, you’ll have fewer cables, with which you will have to deal.

Think beyond technology

Furniture – Table shape can help maximize the number of people who will be visible on the camera. Trapezoidal or triangular shape is best, with a wider end closer to the screen and to the camera.

Background – Evenly illuminated space helps the camera capture the most accurate color, contrast and video. Try to avoid transparent walls, reflective surfaces or windows that can be the source of distraction.

By managing these practical tips, you can be sure that both videoconferencing parties will have the best experience with the course and quality of videoconferencing.

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