Biamp - 3 microphone solutions for your meeting room

Biamp introduced 3 innovative and modern room microphones for meeting rooms. Using Beamtracking™ technology, they can automatically track the speaker’s voice, even when moving around the room. They cover 360° to ensure perfect reception of clear, distortion-free sound from the entire meeting room for all audio/video conference participants. This eliminates the need to install multiple microphones to achieve good audio reception.

Meeting room

In addition to active microphone tracking and intelligent switching between participants, Biamp microphones also provide echo and other disturbing ambient noise cancellation. Audio/video conference participants can feel as if you were standing in front of them.

Superior performance, elegant designs, variability of solutions

You don’t have to limit your creativity when choosing the right device. Variability of installations is guaranteed by 3 types of microphones. In addition, there is an indisputable advantage of a “single cable” solution that simplifies installation and minimizes the number of cables in the meeting room. All presented devices also have a LED indicating the status of the device (on/off/mute).

Biamp TCM-1 závesný mikrofón

Parlé TCM-1 is a microphone designed for mounting and hanging from the ceiling. With a diameter of 13 cm and a weight of only 390 g, this device will elevate your boardroom a level higher. Timeless and modern design combined with Biamp technology makes every conversation an experience. Easy installation and use is another added value of the microphone. You can choose from two colors (white and black).

Biamp TCM-X stropný mikrofón
Biamp TTM-X stolný mikrofón

The Parlé TCM-X is a ceiling-mounted microphone. It has practical dimensions (15 cm) with a choice of two colors (white and black). A “single-wire” solution for ease of assembly and use is a matter of course.

The latest in the Biamp family is the Parlé TTM-X – a microphone designed for a meeting room table. In two colors (white and black) and small size (12 cm diameter) it will become an integral part of your conference room or huddle room. TTM-X blends in with space so naturally that you will feel as if the device has practically “disappeared”. The microphone also has a very practical touch-mutation function.

Huddle room

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