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Have you ever happened to you that you planned a meeting in your meeting room and when it was supposed to happen, there was someone else meeting there? With Crestron Fusion you will not be in such an unpleasant situation.

Whether you have one or more meeting rooms in your company, it can very easily happen, that you and colleagues schedule different meetings or conferences at the same time and in the same place. Although this may seem like a trivial problem, a client or a business partner who is coming to you for a meeting or somebody who is sitting in front of a computer at the other end of the world and waiting for a video conference, will probably not be very happy. And it certainly does not add to your professionalism or credibility.

A simple solution to these situations is Crestron Fusion, which fulfills four basic functions – is monitoring and planning software, monitors rooms, records and collects data about devices in the room and also has calendars, so you can connect with other users and plan a meeting together.

On the touch screen that is placed before the meeting room, you can book the room directly on site or by application on your phone right from your desk or from your living room. From the screen, you can directly redirect to the most popular schedules Microsoft® Exchange, Office 365®, and G Suite®.

If you have so many meetings at your workplace that you do not know what’s right for your meeting, Crestron Fusion can help with this. Just filter out all of your requirements in the system, and he will choose the most suitable space for you.

The visibility of room occupancy can be raised to a higher level if you decide to install a signaling light on the door of each room to make it clear that there is a meeting in the room. The occupancy or vacancy of the room indicates red and green light. And so you will not be disturbed by someone during an important discussion.

If you also want to have your order in your meetings, please let us know and we will prepare a tailored solution for you.

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