Design acoustic panel

Vicoustic, our partner in the field of acoustics, is constantly following world trends and proving its dynamism by bringing ever new design patterns to the popular Flat Panel VMT acoustic panels.

Current design trends in acoustics

At present, acoustics is not only about good sound, but also about aesthetics, so innovative acoustic materials with a unique design are constantly appearing on the market. Vicoustic has added a new collection of Natural Woods and Natural Stones to its portfolio of popular Flat Panel VMT acoustic panels. The patterns in the new collections reflect current design trends.

Innovative acoustic material VicPET Wool

Flat VMT design acoustic panels represent a revolutionary product line that is suitable for homes and commercial spaces. Flat Panel VMT is made of VicPET Wool – a material that is mainly produced from recycled plastic bottles. Thanks to innovative staining technology, Flat Panel VMT can simulate concrete, marble, wood and various other materials to achieve a stunning and realistic look in any environment.

MediaTech is a specialized company in the field of acoustics. We will design and deliver a complete acoustic solution according to your requirements.

Flat Panel VMT is available in various sizes. Basic size of Flat Panel VMT can be ordered directly through

For models of large-area panels, supplied patterns and help with the design of acoustics, contact us at or write a short form below.

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