Free accoustic advice

Team of experts from MediaTech Central Europe, a.s. in synergy with Portuguese company Vicoustic will take care of your great accoustic and perfect your space with flawless sound. Counseling is free of charge.

Company MediaTech Central Europe, a.s. is on the slovak market 25 years and during this time we have become an expert in solving the acoustics of any space for your full satisfaction. We advise you how to handle acoustics in space and in case you are interested we will take care of everything else – we could develop the project of the selected room and we will propose all necessary steps.

We always prepare tailor-made acoustic solutions. The procedure is simple. Write us an e-mail at akustika@mediatech.sk and attach an photo of the room with its detailed description.
Our product specialists will contact you as soon as possible with the proposal of the solution and with procedure of another steps.

Since the service was started the company MediaTech Central Europe, a.s. has created many projects. We offer to our clients only comprehensative and proffesional service. The company´s team includes senior accoustics, interior designers and proffesionals with lot of xears of experriences with accoustic projects.

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