Dante technology - implemented into ours AudioPressBox devices

We are proud that MediaTech with ist AudioPressBox devision (producing audio distribution amplifiers for press conferences) has become a contractual licensing partner Audinate.

MediaTech into its AudioPressBox products, which produces for the world as a leader in AudioPressBox technologies, has incorporated Dante technology and has become a leader in the market like Meyer Sound, Sony, Yamaha, Bose, Biamp, Shure etc.

Audinate is the leading provider of professional digital audio networking technologies globally.

Based on the standards used in the world of IT, engineers at Audinate created the Dante protocol. This is a multi-channel digital media network with almost zero latency and sync. Audinate’s Dante platform distributes digital audio signals over computer networks and is designed to transfer the benefits of the IT network to the professional audio and video industry.

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