MediaTech in Vancouver for the

PSNI Global Alliance annual meeting

MediaTech in Vancouver for the PSNI Global Alliance annual meeting

Meeting of the world’s largest alliance of audiovisual companies in Vancouver

MediaTech participated in the PSNI Global Alliance international meeting held in Vancouver, Canada. MediaTech is the only Slovak certified member of this world’s largest alliance of system integrators of audiovisual technologies. We are proud to be part of an amazing global team.

The PSNI Global Alliance is the world’s largest alliance, bringing together the best audiovisual companies from around the world. The PSNI Global Alliance brings together system integrators whose specialization ranges from complex audiovisual integration to specific communication and collaboration solutions (UC&C – unified communication and collaboration).

At the international meeting in Vancouver, we had the opportunity to discuss current topics with colleagues from other countries and share our projects and know-how with each other. We also discussed interesting topics that will determine the direction of our industry in the future.

“We are proud that MediaTech is the only Slovak member of the world’s largest network of audiovisual companies PSNI Global Alliance. It is a privilege that is a reflection of our long-term activities and mission to bring and implement the best world technologies and practices in Slovakia.”

Bohumil Tonkovic,  CEO of MediaTech

Sharing the knowledge with the best in the industry

PSNI Global Alliance has more than 250 local offices in 61 countries around the world and consists of more than 110 companies dedicated to the integration of AV technologies. With these figures, the PSNI Global Alliance is the largest network of audiovisual companies that can provide professional deployment of AV technologies and services anywhere in the world.

Companies that are members of this alliance must regularly undergo certifications, trainings and demonstrate their technological know-how and knowledge. This is the only way to ensure that the customer receives the best functional solution anywhere in the world.


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