Dynaudio Professional

Dynaudio is a Danish loudspeaker manufacturer, founded in 1977. The company manufactures speakers using its own drivers and over the years has developed technologies that have become globally recognized. Their aim is to design sound systems that reproduce exactly what the artist intended to create – no more, no less.

Dynaudio speakers are installed in more than ten thousand recording studios around the world and BBC Radio & Music has selected them as reference monitors. The company is a supplier of the Swedish car manufacturer Volvo Cars Corporation, the German car manufacturer Volkswagen and the French car manufacturer Bugatti. Dynaudio also worked with OEM Micro-Star International computers to produce audio systems. In 1999 it became a partner of TC Electronic.

Dynaudio Professional (PRO) is a division of the company that focuses on equipping recording studios with its professional studio monitors. Dynaudio PRO products use recording studios such as Air Lyndhurst, NRG Studios and The Hit Factory along with producers like Mike Hedges, Trevor Horn, Steve Lipson and Mutt Lange.

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