PSNI Global Alliance

annual meeting in Venice

PSNI Global Alliance annual meeting in Venice

The best audiovisual companies from all around the world met in Venice

As a member of the PSNI Global Alliance, MediaTech participated in the international annual meeting of all members in Venice, Italy.

PSNI Global Alliance brings together the best AV professionals, system integrators and manufacturers from all over the world. Together we serve global customers and deliver the best solutions in more than 200+ locations across the world.

“It is a real privilege to be part of the PSNI Global Alliance team. We are proud that we have advanced our knowledge and experience to the international level.”

Bohumil Tonkovic, CEO of MediaTech

Together with our 170 inspiring colleagues in the PSNI Global Alliance, who are representing the best audiovisual companies from around the world, we spent 3 fantastic days in Venice full of networking, presentations and sharing experiences and knowledge from different corners of the world.

The main topic of the conference was the future of audiovisual technologies in a rapidly changing world. Despite the challenges we are all currently facing, the importance of quality solutions in the field of audiovisual technologies is constantly growing. As part of the panel discussions, we also addressed the hybrid work environment and the future of modern office spaces.

What exactly is the PSNI Global Alliance? What role does MediaTech play in it?

The PSNI Global Alliance is a network of audiovisual companies from around the world that collaborate on international projects. The PSNI Global Alliance brings together the best system integrators and manufacturers of audio and video technologies. Together we represent one international unified team focused on providing the best solutions for international clients.


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