Radio Aktual is broadcasting now thanks to us as well!

The new Slovak Radio – Radio Aktual has started its journey on 15th May 2017. This is the Radio which replaced the Radio Rock Republic. Radio actual promises to its listeners both latest news and talkshows. We are proud that we were part of the process as well. Our task was to equip their new studio. The studio itself is ready fpr 6 participants – a sound engineer, one or two moderators and then guests. We have installed the signal processor and active monitor YAMAHA. The microphones used are from YAMAHA as well. The broadcasting table with its shape of trapezoid has 6 shoulder holders for microphones from Yellowtec. The holders allow flexible and adjustable option for every user. The white YAMAHA speakers are both technical and design part of the studio.

Part of the installation are our own devices as well. The amlifiers for heasets with control panel. We have also added the proffestion studio headst from Audio-Technica ATH-M50X and ATH-M30X. In regards to the actoustic panels the radio ordered grey and white colour and we have chosen the suitalbe type. We chose Cinema Round Premium from Vicoustic. Thanks to our installation. Everyone will know that the studio is ON AIR because we installed the ON AIR signal from SONIFEX as well.

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