Acoustic solution and videoconference in Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

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Audiovisual technologies in meeting room

We probably don’t need to introduce Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. However, we have to introduce their office space. In 2018, they transformed their traditional office spaces into a completely new office concept, which the company’s employees and clients fell in love with. The new office space was also included in the prestigious Office of the Year.

Our company MediaTech was approached by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services based on positive experience from a previous project. Our new task was to design and deliver technology to a medium-sized meeting room with a specific emphasis on acoustic solution.

Acoustics is a key element when dealing with sound in any space. Improper or no acoustics can have a negative impact not only on intelligibility, but also on the overall comfort and feeling of work. That is why choosing the right and high-quality acoustic solution in the room is very important.

Acoustic solution in bespoke graphics

For the acoustic solution for the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services meeting room, we used acoustic panels from our partner Vicoustic, which is a world leader in the design and production of acoustic materials. Vicousic acoustic panels represent a combination of first-class acoustic technology and modern design, which is highly appreciated by clients.

After consultation with the client and taking into account the specifics of the room, we decided to use an acoustic panel with customized print according to the client’s exact request – an image of the formula that represents the Mercedes-Benz company. The image is printed on the acoustic panels using a special technology in order to preserve their acoustic properties. The graphic of the formula consists of two separate Vicoustic Flat VMT acoustic panels with a thickness of 2 cm. The connection of the two panels is invisible  and the entire  acoustic solution creates the impression of a picture. The designed and supplied Vicoustic Flat Panel VMT solution significantly improved the overall acoustics in the room. In addition to the acoustic solution, we also delivered and installed an all-in-one video conference solution and professional displays in the meeting room.

MediaTech designs and supplies complete audiovisual solutions. Do not hestiate too contact us. Our experts are fully at your disposal.

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