Elegant and functional acoustics for AHK Slowakei

What we did:acoustics

A specific acoustic solution

The Slovak-German Chamber of commerce contacted us with a request to modify their space – a meeting room that serves also as conference room. They use this space for receiving foreign guests, for seminars, online and offline trainings and external as well as internal communication. Until recently, acoustic and benefits which brings in spaces were an underestimated in Slovakia.

Nowadays, acoustics is important part of every spaces, because the right acoustics goes hand in hand with all technologies and underline the overall feeling of the space. At the same time, the acoustics create the perfect visual impression and ensure intelligibility, comfort, increased efficiency and fluency in the work process.

We at MediaTech pay attention to functional as well as design solutions. We fully adapt to the requirments and specifics our clients in conceptual idea and in the same way in financial.


Mario Brosch
Project specialist, MediaTech Central Europe
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“When designing the acoustic solution, we dealt with the non-standard distribution of suspended lamps, asymmetrical walls as well as existing interior elements. The request from the client was to maintain a clean design of the room. That’s why we chose a material that can not only be combined into continuous surfaces, but can also be worked with perfectly if we need to adjust the acoustic material itself on the spot.


Significant echo in the room

When designing the right acoustic solution for AHK Slowakei, we considered severel functional concepts from the begining, taking into account the specifics of the room. Side wall was made of the glass, which was also interesting beceause of the natural lightning.

However, due to the lack of acoustics, the room echo in the room was very significant. It was extremely difficult to concentrate during the work process, which undermined the overall work environment. The client took a proactive approach when looking for his acoustic solution.

Intensive process of communication and different alternatives

From the begining, our experts considerd several alternatives and approached the project in a highly conceptual manner. They presented several elaborate and different proposals, so client cloud choose solution according to his requierments. In the end, client choose highly functional and elegant solution with a natural white color.

An acoustic solution for your company – without limits!

During the proposals and the actual implementation for AHK Slowakei, we also relied on the design and presence aspect of the space itself. The acoustics had to be appropriately designed and centered so that they fit in proportion with the room. We literally processed the project from A to Z. From the actual consultation, communication, proposals to the implementation and finalization. Almost 70 acoustic squares were added to the room in such a way that they had a perfect impact on the acoustic as well as the design solution.


Ceiling acoustics

In the project we dealt with ceiling because the lamps were mounted assimetrically. One part was mounted along the width and the other diagonally along the entire lenght of the ceiling. Therefore, we adapt the acoustic solution so that we could placed the acoustic treatment in the strips. All this taking into account asymetry, the ceiling and the size of the room.

We are also here for your acoustic solutions

Contact us for any requirments in the field of acoustics. The specifications of your space are not limited for us. On the contrary, we will prepare several proposals for you and process your acoustics from a free consultation to the final adjustment.

Technologies used


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