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Acoustics that will captivate everyone

We designed and delivered top design acoustic solutions to the well-known Slovak radios Europa 2 and Melody. Based on positive experiences from the past, we were approached again for the design and implementation of acoustics. The radios changed their premises and needed to acoustically treat their 3 new studios – Studio Europe 2, Studio Melody and one general studio.

We had a challenge on the table – to make professional acoustics that will be modern and fresh. During the design, we also collaborated with the graphic designer and architect of the radio, so that the acoustics fit perfectly into the interior.

When designing the acoustics, we had to take into consideration various already existing elements in the space (tables, electrical sockets, control panels, etc.) so we do not affect their functionality and at the same time to adhere the required design of acoustic panels.

The design itself was preceded by acoustic calculations, based on which we designed suitable types of panels, their location and quantity.

For acoustic solutions, we use only acoustic panels from our partner Vicoustic, who is a world leader in manufacturing and delivering sustainable solutions for acoustic treatment and sound insulation.

Akustika Flat Panel VMT MediaTech

Studio Europa 2

The Europa 2 studio has a large acoustic wall with the Europa 2. The acoustic wall consists of 2 cm thick VMT Flat Panels. The graphics on this wall are in the style of modern graphite and complete this studio really perfectly. The graphics are printed on the acoustic panels with a special technology so that their acoustic characteristics are preserved.

On the opposite wall there is also a type of VMT Flat panel in white color but 4 cm thickness.

The Europa 2 studio also has Cinema Forte VMT acoustic panels, which create an interesting 3D effect. Cinema Forte VMT has slightly different acoustic characteristics than Flat Panel VMT and it better eliminates lower frequencies.

The main dominant element of the Evropa 2 studio is the graphic acoustic wall with logo printing, which in combination with other acoustic panels creates a sound-perfect space.


Mario Brosch
Project specialist, MediaTech Central Europe
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” The work on this project was very inspiring. The assignment was very interesting because it was 3 different studios, each of which had its own character and focus. The result is fresh-looking, modern studios with excellent intelligibility for listeners. I believe that speakers as well as technicians are enjoying them. “

Studio Melody

The Melody studio is dominated by a large acoustic wall, which consists of Vicoustic VMT Flat Panels in a thickness of 2 cm. These acoustic panels are suppressed by a special technology so that their acoustic properties are preserved. The client chose his own note graphics, which captures and represents the studio.

On the opposite wall there is also a type of VMT Flat panel in white color but 4 cm thickness.

There are also Cinema Forte VMT acoustic panels in the room, which create an interesting 3D effect. Cinema Forte VMT has slightly different acoustic properties than Flat Panel VMT and better eliminates lower frequencies.

There is also a free-standing VicTotem Ultra VMT, which can be moved and rotated as needed to adjust the acoustic properties of the room.

Studio Melody akustika MediaTech
Univerzalne studio akusticke riesenie MediaTech

General Studio

In the general studio, we installed Flat Panel VMT acoustic panels in a thickness of 4 cm, which were also printed according to the specific color selected by the client. Cinema Forte VMT acoustic elements have been inserted into these panels, which not only take care of lower frequencies, but also create a nice 3D effect in the room.

Acoustic solutions from MediaTech

MediaTech Central Europe provides comprehensive acoustic solutions for every situation and type of space. We will be honored to design and install a functional and aesthetic solution for you as well. Because acoustics really matter.

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