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What we did:meeting room


Design and installation of a video conferencing solution for a meeting room, which is a heart of the company. Connecting new technologies with the existing ones and creating perfect technological harmony.

We were extremly pleased when we got a request from our client Angelini Pharma Slovak Republic to work on their meeting room.

Installation and complete setup of AV technologies for regular reporting, brainstorming or video conferencing to save time remotely for connections with partners from other countries – this is what we like to do the most.

The design and installation of the videoconferencing solution was intended to create a place where ideas for the business environment are created and work and interpersonal relationships are strengthened – without the need for frequent travel.


Bohumil Tonkovič

Project specialist and AV Consultant, MediaTech Central Europe

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We are extremely pleased that some time ago we had the opportunity to install an individual audiovisual solution for Angelini Pharma Slovak Republic. The fact is that our technological solutions will find their place in every space. You don’t need to have an ultra-modern meeting room and have special conditions created in advance. Quite the opposite. Our technologies will serve just as well in a regular office or meeting room


Our professional team thus selected the optimal solution from a wide range of audiovisual options so that the project solution would meet the financial and operational requirements of the client.

In the past, the company communicated with its partners and headquarter (located in Rome) primarily via a PC from a traditional office and had a main room for corporate meetings, conferences and meetings. Presentations were made through a projector. There was an increasing demand for a comprehensive, functional and conceptual solution that would offer more functionalities, including a video conferencing tool.

Awareness of the importance of the technological functionality of an effective video conference hardware did not take long.

We agreed on an optimal technological solution. ClearOne Collaborate Versa 150 set, together with accessories and Bachmann connection points to the  table. We also added holder for camera and projector, ProADRING5 – a set of various reductions (HDMI, USB-C and Atlona – HDMI extender). All the mentioned technological solutions are characterized by a high mark of quality and a pleasant user-friendly side.

Client's opinion


Angelini Pharma Slovak Republic

“We chose to work with MediaTech on the basis of initial professional consultation and a human approach in finding the optimal project solution that should meet our financial and operational requirements.

In this way, over time, we can evaluate the benefits of the proposed technological solution for our company. We appreciate the ease of use of the proposed technologies, the speed of their delivery and installation as well as prompt, professional and flexible communication with MediaTech. At the same time, we appreciate the reliability of the equipment, so far we have not had a single problem with them. ”

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