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The history of a well known german car company Mercedes–Benz dates back to the early twentieth century when the merge of companies Gottlieba Daimlera and Karl Benz happened. Cars of the Mercedes brand have demostrated since the beginning that they will belong to the top of a car industry. This is mainly thanks to the introduciton of the first modern car which started the end of age of carriages. 90 years have passed and Mercedes-Benz still brings the highest quality and innovation. All of this bears the motto of one of its founders – Karl Benz: ‘‘The love to inventing never dies.‘‘

sound reinforcement showroomu mercedes-benz

The company that represents Mercedes-Benz in Slovakia opened its new headquarters in Bratislava back in 2001. It includes the biggest car showroom in Slovakia. In order to provide the best possible experience for customers while checking out the latest Mercedes-Benz cars the company Mediatech provided a perfect sounding solution of this premises. Sound quality is achieved thanks to CPRO6 2-way ceiling speaker with its own baffle installation of a new series of ceiling speakers PURE PRO.

YAMAHA: XMV4140 -amplifier
Digital signal processor : MTX3
Control panels: DCP1V4S
Speakers: CPRO6

mercedes slovakia devices

Used technologies

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