We are honored that our company has participated in the installation of equipment that greatly assists doctors, medical staff and patients themselves.

The design, delivery and installation of audiovisual technologies for the purpose of cooperation in the performance of medical procedures at a specialized and modern angiological workplace in the department of vascular surgery are also another great step to improve medical care in Slovakia. Therefore, the main attribute of our solution must be its reliability and really high quality.

With the video conferencing solution we propose, doctors can connect in real time and be part of the operation with colleagues – remotely. In this way, doctors from all over the world can participate in the procedure and transfer in a straight line to monitor the operation, give their valuable insights during operations and supervise even really demanding medical procedures. Such cooperation of physicians without distance detection ultimately increases the chances of necessary intervention and recovery and is a huge benefit for the patient.

The installed audiovisual solutions will be used not only for the transmission of medical procedures, operations and international online medical consultation, but also for the purposes of online training of health professionals. In this case, it was equally important to ensure, in addition to a good picture, also good sound, not only through video conferencing, but also the sound system of the space itself. It is also necessary to adjust the sound system so that the doctor can communicate with other participants in the video conference during the procedure and react operatively outside the ceiling sound system (also) to the wireless lapel microphone.

Following a summary of the requirements, our team of experts considered and carefully designed the following solutions: Audio-Technica microphones, Audio-Technica wireless lapel microphones and Audio-Technica moderating microphone with automatic sound mixing, 2 digital cameras with Atlona video mixer to capture the procedure and its subsequent projection and sound reinforcement of the room with AEC (automatic echo cancelling) to ensure error-free online communication.

Used technologies


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