Press Center for Pope Francis


Our country has received a truly rare visit. September 2021 will go down in the history of Slovakia as the time when we welcomed the Pope Francis to our land.

We are very pleased that our company MediaTech Central Europe was approached to provide and support a press center for journalists from all over the world at the Carlton Hotel in Bratislava for the duration of this event. As the event was attended by media of all kinds from different parts of the world, the requirements were complex.

We were to create a space for broadcast used by media from all arround the world for the full duration of Pope’s visit. More than 400 of them were accredited, including VAMP (Vatican Accredited Media Personnel) journalists who flew directly with the Pope  from the Vatican.



In this project, we immediately imagined several possible scenarios that could go wrong during this four-day event. Our experts have always thought one step ahead. They were also prepared for unexpected requests and scenarios.

At the back of the room was a separate mobile soundproof acoustic booth, which was set aside as a broadcasting center for the work of journalists from the Vatican Television RAI. They had their own monitor to watch, individual internet connection for broadcast and AudioPressBox – press conference audio distribution apmlifier.

We had to provide online broadcasting for TV, radio, recording in Broadcast quality, presentations, press conferences, internet connection, printers, sound reinforcement, etc. All technologies were used for safe and immediate online work and transmission to the media.


We distributed the video stream by the international standard EBU (European Broadcasting Union). It was distributed to us on a separate line from the national broadcaster RTVS and we decoded it on the spot. The decoded stream entered the crossover and then to the video editing. Its other inputs were contributory video players and entrance lines from the stage where the presentations took place. Outputs for media, preview monitors, recordings and codecs for TV for online broadcasting were powered from a crossover via SDI.

Everything was recorded on a media server. Journalists were thus able to download individual records in a preview version as well as in full broadcast quality. For this reason, a special computer network was created. Of course, everything with a backup system and power supply via an online UPS.



Since this event required sound, which must be understandable and linear throughout the space, we chose the best of the best in the audio part. Meyer Sound – the best sound in the world. The event required uncompromising sound quality, so our choice was clear.

For this reason, even in such a smaller space, we used a delay zone of about 15 m. Sound system Meyer Sound Ultra-X42 with subwoofers 750-LFM, mixer + stagebox Yamaha TF1 + 2 x Tio1608 via Dante network. The mixing console has been configured for a comfortable 32 audio inputs and 16 audio outputs.

Audio-Technica microphones from the Engineer series and Audio-Technica wireless system from the 5000 series were also used. If possible, we preferred wired microphones. It was necessary from the point of view of security, constant changes in the frequency of incoming and outgoing journalists with their own microports. We used the wireless microphones exclusively for questions from journalists and as a backup – if necessary.


AudioPressBox is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional press boxes for press conferences used by the most prestigious institutions and events around the world.

The distribution of audio signals for the media was provided by the AudioPressBox product system. A total of 128 physical switchable MIC/LINE outputs were available, which were located in front of the stage (2 x AudioPressBox APB-224 C), in the audio zone for recording (AudioPressBox Drive unit APB-D100 + 4 x expanders APB-008-SB EX) and on the tables for journalists (AudioPressBox Drive unit APB-D200 + 6 x expanders APB-008-SB EX).

Passive expanders APB-008-SB EX in the audio zone had long enough connecting cables, so we could use them as sub-stage boxes even among cameramen. Such a setup allowed us complete flexibility.


Our experts have prepared 6 independent networks for this event: Download for EBU, Radio Broadcasters, TV Broadcasters, WiFi for regular communication, Printers and one spare separate network as a backup route in case of further requirements. Complicated at first glance, but ultimately maximally clear and safe.

Power supply – Alpha and omega for easy operation and safety

Power is one of the key issues for events of this magnitude and type. Therefore, we provided the power supply from two independent 3x63A / 400V sources in such a setup that in the event of a failure of any of them, we could switch to one power supply for the entire system with a sufficient power reserve.

Audiovisual technologies in the hands of experts

We are honored that we were able to participate on this rare event which the visit of the Holy Father Francis to Slovakia was. The press center made the whole of Slovakia visible to the world. During the whole course, we were prepared in maximum commitment for unexpected or operational technical requirements.

If necessary, we are ready to help you as well. Because when it comes to audiovisual technologies, the word impossible does not exist in our dicitionary.


Contact our specialist or fill out a short form. We will contact you back.


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