Restaurant Donovaly Brewery

The 48th craft brewery in Slovakia grew in the well-known recreational Central Slovak region Donovaly. The brewery had a clear determination from the start, brewing a fair beer that customers can enjoy while watching their favorite sports, whether on TV or projection screens. At the same time, the brewery provides the possibility to organize corporate events and family celebrations, when it is necessary to have quality sound, acoustics and lighting equipment in the premises.

Akustika Donovalsky pivovar

High-quality audiovisual technologies

Thanks to MediaTech, high-quality audiovisual technologies have been added to the quality brewing technology. The well-thought-out interior is an ideal place for various corporate events, family events such as weddings and celebrations. That´s why the quality audiovisual technology provided by MediaTech is an essential part of this solution.

Complete sound system

MediaTech designed, delivered and installed a complete sound system, which is used not only during normal operation but also for performances by DJs and artists. The sound system is by YAMAHA and it guarantees linear coverage throughout the space

Audio technika Donovalsky pivovar


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