Sound Reinforcement of Bratislava Castle

The four-towered Bratislava Castle is the largest landmark of the capital of Slovakia. In addition to the exhibitions of the Slovak National Museum, a part of the premises is used for representational and state purposes.

The area of the castle grounds is a popular place for both residents and visitors of Bratislava because of the unique view of the historic city center and the Danube. Bratislava Castle was declared a national cultural monument number 1.

In the provision of audio technology for national monument number 1, the company with audiovisual technology number 1 – MediaTech should not be missing. Although the historical environment of the castle seems to be incompatible with modern technology, MediaTech has done the opposite.

Ozvucenie - Bratislavksy hrad - Mediatech
Ozvucenie - Bratislavsky hrad - MediaTech
BA Hrad - Ozvučenie - Mediatech
Ozvucenie a akustika - Bratislavsky hrad - MediaTech
Ozvucenie a akustika BA Hrad - MediaTech


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