The auditorium for the Faculty of Health Care in SZU, Banská Bystrica

We have successfully implemented the project of the modernization and installation of audio-visual and information technology in the reconstructed multifunctional complex at the Slovak Medical University in Banska Bystrica. Its opening ceremony was held on the 16th January 2013.

Multifunctional complex, which includes a hall, seminar rooms and dormitory is timeless and perfect technically equipped building- one of a kind in the area. “Banská Bystrica finally offers the premises that meet all the parameters of top quality acoustics, and information technology.” Said prof. MD. Svetozar Dluholucký, PhD., Dean of the Faculty of the Slovak Medical University

The new auditorium offers comfort for visitors with the required means of communication, conferencing, and interpretation. “Thanks to its facilities the hall offers a great space for organizations and technologically demanding lectures, including telemedicine, such as live coverage of surgical operations from SMU clinics or hospitals anywhere in the world or in Europe.” Said Joseph Hudak, Slovak Medical University Bursar.

Mediatech provided the complete project preparation, installation and delivery of the complete audiovisual technologies in record time. These technologies offer the opportunity for multifunctional use in organizing conferences, graduations, conferences, technical seminars, academic ceremonial acts or other social events.


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