The national theatre in Košice, Malá Scéna

On the 31. May 2013, the company MediaTech Central Europe corp. presented its reconstruction of the National Theatre, Malá Scéna on the main square in Košice.

The state Theatre Košice as the part of project for the European Capital of Culture Košice 2013, recieved financial support for the reconstruction of the premises of the historic theater Malá Scéna on the Main Street. The project was launched by the Ministry of Culture. By the implementation of the project, Malá Scéna was given a new appereance and full technology support.

Reconstruction of the State Theatre Malá Scéna in Kosice realized by Mediatech Central Europe consisted of:

  • complete delivery and installation of the technological equipment for the stage technology
  • stage and scene lighting
  • the sound reinforcement sysem for the control room
  • communication system
  • proscenium and arene types of seating for the spectators

The construction work started in September 2012 and were completed on the 31. May 2013. The total construction works were completed on the 30th June 2013. The opening ceremony for Malá Scána of the NT was on the 4th of September, 2013 in the presence of the Minister of Culture for Slovak Republic. On the small scene is so in the new season returned after more than a year’s break Popular productions from the repertoire of the Drama Theatre Košice can be seen again in the new season for the Malá Scéna theatre.


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