TV Markiza meeting room

Stylish and well designed meeting rooms are becoming a standard both worldwide and in Slovakia. Television Markiza wants to keep up the pace with the latest technologies and thats why they created a new meeting room equipped with a new presentation and tele-conference system. This all was done by MediaTech Central Europe.

The video-conferences in new Markiza’s meeting room are happening thanks to new Cisco SX20, which has a camera, microphone and a control panel. Thanks to the system 3 additional participants can connect to the call.

The video can be displayed via projector on a motorized screen or on a 65inch LCD SONY UHD TV
The whole presentation and teleconference system is based on a digital video matrix CRESTRON DMPS3-300-C.
A massive table is a dominant of the room. There are build in connectors inside so you can connect 4 computers to the system. All the devices can be plugged in at once and the switcihing of each device to the screen is done via 1 pushable button.
Sharing of the screen is possible also due to wireless solution AirMedia from CRESTRON.
All the devices present in the Meeting room are conneected to teh control system from where they can be controlled. There is a 7inch touch screen TSV 750 with an icon based menu for easy control. The menu presents both simple commands or more complex once. If you choose f.e the icon of Conference all the devices required for a conference turn on. You can control all the technological devices including lightning, motorized screen etc. with TSV 750. The lights are are controled with the bus Dali.
The installed systems make the communication of participants of meetints more efficient also thanks to the technologies you can also do a perfect tele-bridge.

Used technologies

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